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Getting you financed for your next auto is what we do best. Your auto credit is our top priority. Bad credit is not a problem. Bad auto loans and bad credit is our specialty. After submitting your information and criteria we can match you up with a lender that will work with you and your particular situation. Upon approval of your application, a credit specialist will be assigned to you.

That agent will contact you and guide you through the process of application. You will be given specific and detailed instructions of where to go, who you will make an appointment with and what to bring with you to secure your auto loan. It’s that easy!

Participating auto dealer partners are located around the Tr-State area. Our matching system is designed to find the optimum lending partner and the closet dealer that can assist you in securing auto financing.

Bad auto loans, bad credit due to bankruptcy and persoanl situations like loss of a job, divorce, our system will match you a dealership who specializes in type of situation. No more embarrassing situations! Again, it’s that easy!



Requirements vary with all of our network of auto dealer partners and lenders. The credit specialist assigned to you will assist you in gathering all of the necessary documentation and paperwork needed to make this process as simple as possible. In most all cases the following information will be required:

  • Proof of Income (Disability is accepted).
  • Automobile Insurance (We can assist you with this).
  • Phone Bill, Utility Bill, or Checking Account Statement.




The daunting task of obtaining an auto loan if you have or had bad credit is made simple. By working with us one on one, we make the process as easy and as uncomplicated as possible. Bad credit, no credit, many dealerships not in our select group lack the resources and experience needed to get you approved for an auto loan. Not qualifying for a loan, particularly an auto loan can be very discouraging and adds to the frustration of being able to drive and being independent.

Reliable transportation is a must today, especially in this job market. This is a reality today. Getting to and from work, searching for that great job, going to interviews, even just basic things like going to the movies and going out with family and friends. Not everyone has a big down payment to put down on a new or used car. It’s not acceptable is these times to be forced to settle with an old beat up car that will potentially break down.

Getting approved for an auto loan with special financial needs requires the bargaining skills of the finance manager. Knowing how to structure deals, selecting the right vehicle for your needs and then submitting the package to the appropriate lender is what we do best. No second guessing and no shortcuts. You should never go to a dealer without a pre-approval and consulting with a professional credit expert.

As frustrating and as complicated the lending of auto loans may seem, our program eliminates the stress and frustration out of the equation completely. When it comes to seeking special financing, and based on the criteria you submit, our system will put you with the right lending agent that will walk you through the process. Our credit agent will the appointment up for you. You simply show up and sign and drive… it’s that simple.

We are NOT like other so called loan referral and brokering companies. We are local and practice under the strict guidelines of The Better Business Bureaus. We directly with our network of dealer partners. No fees or service fees are passed along to our customers, you!